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Mama Mio BRAND rep #DiscoverEDIA at Cosmoprof

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Team EDIA had the opportunity to share our hair styling product line with the brand managers of Mama Mio, fit skin for life at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Products mentioned in the testimonial are the Still Life Molding Wax and Serene Moisturizing Paste cocktailed to hold her look. Tweet us at @followedia or post a question on EDIA’s FB page for hair styling tips.

Team EDIA with Japan based Distributors. Looking quite stealthy


This moment in time was caught in Still Life. enter #DiscoverEDIA 4 10% off

Oscar winning hair and makeup artist Beatrice De Alba with President of EDIA Cosmetics For Hair Remyi Cole.


Thanks to Beatrice De Alba and her management for stopping by to visit with Team EDIA.  We are excited to forge a developing relationship and aligning EDIA Cosmetics For Hair styling products for her feature film and television production work.

Please visit the link to see Beatrice’s film credits to date:

#NAHA Editorial Winner Neeko Abriol with EDIA’s Creative Director DJ Riggs


Team EDIA says congrats to Neeko Abriol for winning the Editorial category for the 2012 NAHA awards.  We look forward to offering our styling product salon in his Pasadena, CA based salon.  To see the work visit

TEAM EDIA w/ TV Shopping Retailer Beauty Buyers


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#Cosmoprof Booth Prep for #DiscoverEDIA


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How the most popular UEFA EURO Football players finish their look! #alonso#ramos#balotelli#pirlo

This special edition posting features three of the most popular players in UEFA football final Spain v. Italy. Players like #alonso, #ramos, balotelli, #pirlo who are star players on the football field millions of followers. Here’s what these popular football players would style their hair with using EDIA Cosmetics For Hair finishing line to get the look we all admire.

#ramos #spain #football #hairSergio Ramos, star defender for Spain who also plays with Real Madrid club look can be achieved with EDIA Cosmetics For Hair Still Life Molding Wax for maxed out texture.






Xabi Alonso (pictured below), star midfielder for Spain who also plays with Real Madrid club look can be finished with EDIA Cosmetics For Hair Serene Moisturizing Paste to create detail and movement.

#alonso #hair #football #spain









Hailing from Italy Andrea Pirlo(pictured below), who plays with Juventus club could use EDIA’s Still Life Molding Wax paired with our Sheen Brilliance Spray mist to add separation with a matte sheen.. Not pictured is the superstar of the Italian squad Balotelli with his signature blonde mohawk who would use EDIA’s Serene Moisturizing Paste ideal for adding detail and control to all hair types including naturally curly and ethnic hair.  Pictures are courtesy of This posting does not reflect an endorsement arrangement with the noted football professionals.  Moreover, this posting is purely for entertainment and education purposes.

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