EDIA Cosmetics For Hair Sneak Peek of the Still Life Molding Wax

Still Life Molding Wax

EDIA Compact Case

Still Life Reflected
Still Life Molding Wax Compact Case w/ Mirror

Available Winter 2011 @ EDIAPRO.COM online store and beauty retailers.

EDIA Entourage hitting #LAFASHIONWEEK

Remyi Cole, DJ Riggs and the EDIA Entourage will be networking with media and buyers in LA Oct 19-23, #discoveredia for event details. Remyi Cole says “we looking to put faces on the people we’ve been working with to bring the brand out West. Inviting our Salon owner partners, retailers, producers and social media to our Buyer + Media Soiree Oct 20th.” Creative Director and Celebrity Hair Stylist from NYC DJ Riggs will be demonstrating with models the falls beauty trends and clothing from LA designers. Invite only email info@ediapro.com for industry pass.


CHIC.TV + EDIA C.F.H. + MAINENTRANCE Artist Fall Beauty Trends

DJ Riggs, Creative Director of EDIA Cosmetics for Hair, in collaboration with MAINENTRANCE Artists + Chic.TV present top beauty trends for fall. DJ utilized EDIA Still Life Molding Max to create this look.

CHIC.TV Beauty – Season 07 Episode 01 from CHIC.TV on Vimeo.

Repost of Paul Martineau: The “Still Life” in Photography

The arts drives fashion, fashion is an expression of art. In exploring the cinematography medium of arts I took notice to Paul Martineau: The “Still Life” in Photography posted on John Bailey, ASC blog. Which reflects on “Still Life” from painting and photographic evoluationary perspectives.  Moreover, how the mordernization of the camera unleashed the boundaries of what depicts and is Still Life as a work of

artform.  Comparing the advent of photography and now 21st century media which evolved the creation, depiction and visualization of Still Life as a work of art form. EDIA’s Still Life Molding Wax captures and holds your look from that moment in time it was created by your own hands… creating a scene which is your Still Life.

Ripping it in ASIA

EDIA C.F.H Creative Director DJ Riggs strikes again in Shanghai breaking down what it is to create “STILLLIFE”.

Set Backs “back log of famed collaborations with artist & EDIA C.F.H”

Below is a conceptual editorial shoot collaboration with EDIA Creative Director DJ RIggs providing hair on-set for Londoner fashion designer Charles Youssef hailing from NYC and photographer Julia Podogina. You can now catch Mr.Youssef’s designs on Lady GaGa!

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