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Two Points Up in LA and #Winning








​So I land in LA to meet with local bloggers and social medialites to share our product story and the Discover EDIA experience with them.  Kelsi Smith is the founder of the group dubbed Two Point Oh! LA. She has a bit of an English accent I believe. Wasn’t too sure of the particulars of the event going in but I love LA so I had the team go for it.  The Styling Suite…… the #Snowball party……Jacks and Coke and Chardonnay….

​Day 3: It never rains in Southern California
​Spent some time with family….getting gifts for my aunt, uncles, grandma and cousins before rushing over to my 2:30 meeting with Karen of Fred Segals.  Running late cause I’m distracted on the phone while at Ralph’s buying a gift card for my cousin who attends San Fran U in her junior year….holiday shopping gotta love it!
​So I scramble in the freaking cold rain headed up La Cienga Blvd. While talking with our OC brand ambassador Jason regarding market prep plans for The OC/San Diego area and storyboarding  scenarios we need to shell out. Not realizing my gps had spazzed out on me and was taking me to the Beverly Center which was up the way from where I needed to be. Few pull overs later Im back on track.  By the way the Ford Edge is totally awesome. Mix of savy tech and chic interior finishing.  Go Motor City!  So I pull up to Fred Segals. Its wet, I’ve got our POS unit loaded with mock ups as I enter in through Mauros….a swanky wine room in Fred Segals with patio terrace that host local bands some of whom are nationally signed like Magnolia Memoir on GZA’s label.  I enter in and get an immediate eye from the patrons while giving back nods of I’m ok as I swiftly swing around back.  I didnt see DJ so I figured he must have went in to the store to run the opening act i.e. stall a bit for us. As I cut thru the back way into the store I set my POS unit down on a display table letting the sales guy know I’ll be back in a bit to get it.  Didnt want to be like an old Christopher Reeve’s scene in Superman playing Clark Kent late to a press meeting with clipboard and way too much in hand all while trying to open the door only to drop everything on hello…lame.

Later in Day 3: Not late…right on time
​So Remyi Cole enters stage left so to speak just as my Executive Creative Director DJ Riggs tap dance was to begin and was just mentioning his business partner as I entered the room…they where like hey…I was like hello world! Big hugs followed a round of coffee, teas and almond tart perfectly recommended by Karen. Later…. history was being made.  Look for EDIA Cosmetics For Hair Spring 2012 online @, Ron Robinson @ Fred Segals, other fine retailers and

​S/O to the Ron Robinson Inc staff, Two Point Oh! LA, Ford Edge, The Fredson-Cole’s, Jessica the Fashion Psychologists of Be Your Best You, Management @ Palihouse allowing followEDIAtv to shoot, Paul McGovern our crafty videographer, Berry Bachen of Main Entrance, Octavio Molina our SoCal Brand Ambassador and our Executive Creative Director/Founder DJ Riggs.

Remyi Fredson-Cole,
Co Founder, President and Chief Brand Engineer of EDIA Cosmetics For Hair

EDIA Sponsoring 2nd Annual Correspondents Holiday Ball

EDIA Cosmetics For Hair in conjunction with Two Point OH! LA will be co-sponsoring the 2nd Annual SNOWBALL for bloggers and related press @ the PALIHOUSE, West Hollywood Los Angeles. EDIA’s Executive Team DJ Riggs and Remyi Cole along with Brand Ambassadors from the SoCal area will be in attendance. During the day bloggers and related media will be able to experience the brand intimately at the official EDIA COSMETICS FOR HAIR Styling Suite. Where each attendee will receive a 30 Minute styling at the hands of Executive Creative Director DJ Riggs and Celebrity Stylists.
Text EDIAPRO to 64842 to receive discount code for this event and other special offers.

EDIA…Creating an Online Beauty Experience About Your LOOK

Remyi Cole, DJ Riggs and the EDIA team is looking to push the envelope with a capsule collection of styling products and captivating looks that are on trend. Giving you an online destination site with:

  • Everyday and Fashion Night Out “how to” Video’s
  • Easy and Secure Shopping experience for styling products to create the look which makes you look so fab!
  • With the unique chance to DISCOVER the beauty industry from the inside.
  • Check out a draft version of our new homepage to see the exciting direction EDIA Cosmetics For Hair is going!

    We have real EDIA Exclusive benefits that will be sent DM for our @followedia and EDIA C.F.H. on Fb community. So keep following for details.

    EDIA’s Executive Creative Director fashion highlighted on Canadian Tux @Gen_art

    The scene: GenArt Fashion Show, LA Fashion Week. The place: Vibiana

    While the executive team and industry friends of EDIA where rubbing elbows with West Coast’s Fashion+Entertainment industry elite. DJ Riggs dope denim styles at Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion was taken notice by Canadian Tux. Check out their post @ Canadian Tux

    @Gen_art in @LAFASHIONWEEK on @canadiantux site

    Collaborative show feat. Designer Furne One





    @BubblefishMedia put on StyleFashion for LA nice one!
    @followedia @DjRiGGs @me_atlarge

    Collaboration @ Fred Segal + Mauro’s



    Vintage Clapton GUITAR from CREAM ERA

    Collaboration at La Esquina


    Cool biking

    EDIA Matte Black meets 2012 Matte Black Camaro

    The Matte Attack

    The styling of the matte black series of cars in the auto industry is taking off. Imagine a beautiful couple cruising the strip as they pull up to the valet. As you grab your Still Life Molding Wax Matte Black compact case and drop it in your clutch. Off into the night full of Chardonnay + Jack & Coke.

    EDIA Cosmetics For Hair Sneak Peek of the Still Life Molding Wax

    Still Life Molding Wax

    EDIA Compact Case

    Still Life Reflected
    Still Life Molding Wax Compact Case w/ Mirror

    Available Winter 2011 @ EDIAPRO.COM online store and beauty retailers.

    EDIA Entourage hitting #LAFASHIONWEEK

    Remyi Cole, DJ Riggs and the EDIA Entourage will be networking with media and buyers in LA Oct 19-23, #discoveredia for event details. Remyi Cole says “we looking to put faces on the people we’ve been working with to bring the brand out West. Inviting our Salon owner partners, retailers, producers and social media to our Buyer + Media Soiree Oct 20th.” Creative Director and Celebrity Hair Stylist from NYC DJ Riggs will be demonstrating with models the falls beauty trends and clothing from LA designers. Invite only email for industry pass.

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